Investment Strategy

Vecata Invest A/S does not focus on specific industries. By investments in new companies the following issues are our priorities:

  • A professional and experienced management team
  • A unique, visionary and patentable product
  • A defined market requirement
  • A clear exit strategy

Vecata Invest A/S primarily invests together with other venture funds or individuals and takes the lead investor role only in case we possess the necessary, specific industry skills.

Primarily, Vecata Invest A/S offers financing via equity investments in the relevant portfolio companies.

Vecata Invest A/S is always represented in the board of directors of the portfolio companies. If beneficial and agreed with the portfolio companies, Vecata Invest A/S also participates in operations and project tasks. These tasks include the following:

  • Strategy
  • Funding
  • Recruitment
  • Exit and sales processes

Inquiries concerning new investments must be forwarded with a business plan including budgets and expected capital requirement. Based on this, the investment team of Vecata Invest A/S estimates whether the business introduction provides a basis for a meeting with the founders of the relevant company.

In case you wish to contact Vecata Invest A/S concerning an investment project, please forward your mail to: