In 2002 the Bagger-Sorensen family sold DANDY A/S and the chewing gum brands Dirol ®, Stimorol ® and V6® to Cadbury-Schweppes Plc. In 2017 the family sold 70 % of Fertin Pharma A/S to the equity fund EQT. I 2021 Fertin Pharma (including the 30% belonging to the Bagger-Sørensen family) was sold again - this time to PMI. 

The sales provided the family’s holding company Bagger-Sorensen & Co. A/S with substantial funds and the company is now – after a restructuring in 2011/2012 – the parent company of Bagger-Sorensen Invest A/S (real estate) and Vecata Invest A/S (portfolio investments).


Bagger-Sorensen Invest A/S is the holding company of the Group’s property holdings.

Vecata Invest A/S, established in 2012, is the holding company of the Group’s investments in portfolio companies. Vecata Invest A/S invests direct in companies i.a. via the company 4 Best Invest A/S.